Why I chose the iPhone 6S in 2017

My beloved LG G4 recently fell to its well known boot loop issue; due to its overheating Snapdragon 808. This put me on the market for a new smart phone, I wanted to purchase one outright as I was still on contract for another 11 months. But I didn’t want to settle with a budget entry-level phone because I knew I wouldn’t be content with it. I am a medium to heavy user that relies on my phone for a lot of tasks. But my budget was nowhere near 2017 flagship territory. So I settled for an older flagship as they can be bought for discount prices today. There were many solid options in my price range from Android. I ended up skipping Android and went with the iPhone 6S.


I use my phone for many tasks a lot of them involving typing. So I needed a phone with a good keyboard. The stock iOS keyboard is very slick in its design with a simple and intuitive layout. But the main selling point is it’s responsiveness. Each key press registers instantly I can type as fast as I can and not feel that the keyboard is trying to keep up. With the introduction of 3D touch I can do a hard press and go into cursor mode and move the cursor anywhere on the screen. The closest keyboard on Android would be the Google Keyboard which is the first thing I install when setting up a new phone.

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What I love about the iPhone 6S camera is it’s reliability and ease of use.

I like how the app is laid out. All the common settings that most people will need to change are all there and can be accessed with a press or a swipe. The camera app is fast to start-up and quick to fire so I never miss those moments. Ever since its early days iPhones have always had a reliable camera. The camera on the iPhone 6S keeps the tradition going and still holds up very well in 2017. It may not have fast auto focusing or great low light performance like other phones. But each picture or video you take is consistently good; in focus and correctly exposed. I like the natural and warm tones of the images. The videos are in focus and don’t have that wobble or jelly effect when moving around and have surprisingly good stabilisation. The front facing camera performs very well with a more true to life look in colours and sharpness. The gallery app compliments the camera with a simple interface that gives you non distructive editing options to edit images, videos and slow mo videos. You can also download Apple’s free iMovie app, the best mobile app for editing videos.

iPhone 6S - Rear
The camera bump and two-tone flash.

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Compared to Android iPhones are under powered on paper but because Apple owns iOS they are able to optimise it to work perfectly on their hardware. With iOS you get a smooth experience and works really well out of the box. When booting your iPhone for the first time Apple include all the apps you initially need to get you started. Another point to make is with iOS you are guaranteed to get consistent updates for the next few years, which is more than enough to last the life of the phone. Any new software features you get with a new iPhone, usually make its way to older models. I can’t say the same for majority of Android phones.

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This is subjective, but iPhones are one of the best designed phones. Holding an iPhones always feels premium and for me the 4.7in screen is the perfect size for viewing content and one-handed use. The iPhone 6S comes with a fast finger print scanner and Apple got the position right the first time by putting it on the front. You can unlock the phone just by pressing the home key. It’s hard to accidentally unlock your phone. The buttons around the phone are positioned perfectly and are easy to press but solid enough not to be accidentally pressed. Also iPhones have that silence switch on the side which doesn’t seem like a big deal but something I always miss when jumping on an Android. Another big addition is 3D Touch; felt like a gimmick first hand but found myself using it more. For example you can 3D Touch the torch icon in the Control Centre to give you different brightness options or previewing emails from your inbox by lightly pressing them then pop into the email by pressing harder. Also last but not least the headphone jack. If you want an iPhone and don’t want to let go of your favourite headset the iPhone 6S is the last of the iPhones to have the headphone jack. Personally I’m not ready to make that leap to wireless just yet.

iPhone-In hand
Apple never holds back on premium.

Battery Life

The iPhone 6S like all iPhones has great battery life, all thanks to iOS being perfectly optimised for the Phone. The battery being only 1716mAh I’m able to get through a whole day from 100% at 8am to 7% come 11pm. This is a whole day of social networking, YouTube, Netflix, Bluetooth speakers and headphones all day listening to podcasts and music. If you forget to charge your phone the iPhone 6S charges to 60% in an hour and to the full 100% 30 mins after.

iPhone - Carge cable
I love the lighting cable on the iPhone much better look and feel compared to USB-C.

To sum it all up the iPhone 6S is still a solid and reliable phone. For the price you get respectable performance across the board; optimised UI experience with guaranteed updates from Apple and a reliable camera all bundled in a beautifully designed body. If you are looking for a new phone, a heavy user and on a tight budget; the iPhone 6S is a great option.

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