Why the LG G6 is a great phone for travel

If your planning a trip overseas and want to travel light, the LG G6 can help free up some room in your bag by replacing two of the main devices you might carry with you on a trip. Your cameras and computer.

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Here are some reasons why you should consider the LG G6 as your next smartphone.


The secondary camera on the LG G6 is a wide-angle at 125 degrees while the main camera is 71 degrees. This set up is perfect for travel because you can switch to the wide angle lens for landscape or indoor shots, the shots that need you to fit more in. The front facing camera is also a native wide angle at 100 degrees but by default its cropped to give the effect of a normal field of view, this can be changed by a button in the app to switch to the wide view.Another feature in the camera app is manual mode which is available for both photo and video. This mode gives you controls to ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation and manual focus. You can do long exposure and macro shots out of the box. Yes you can download 3rd party apps but they are not as well optimised.

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The LG G6 screen is a media consumption power house its large 5.7in display is great for web browsing; making it easier to browse difficult websites. With the added screen real estate the keyboard can be larger helping with typing long emails or filling in online forms. This will come in handy for making online bookings or doing research.The G6 is also great for watching videos with its large display and if you have the content; the screen supports HDR videos. HDR videos have more colour and contrast making the videos pop.I have always been a fan of LG’s screens, in my opinion LG screens have a balanced tone and contrast to them. Giving it a true to life look, this attribute makes the G6 great for image editing. If you’re into image editing this is another reason to leave your laptop at home.

LG G6 rear cameras
The back is clean and the dual camera set up is prominent.

File Browsing

Android allows you to manages the files and folders in the device with its file managing app. You can create, delete and move files and folders like a computer, you can download photos, music and PDFs from the web, save and view them on your phone. Along with expandable storage the G6 also supports OTG. OTG (on the go) allows you to connect a USB thumb drive to your phone with an OTG dongle which you can purchase cheaply anywhere. You can carry multiple USBs while you travel, in one USB you can back up all the pictures and videos you have taken on your trip and free up storage on your device. In  another USB you can carry extra music, movies and shows to watch. You can even carry around important PDFs like your itinerary, booking confirmation, passport and other scanned documents.

LG G6 file manager.
File browser on Android.

Other mentions

Other things worth mentioning are:

  • For the audiophiles the G6 has a 32 Bit DAC so you can enjoy hires music on your travels.
  • The G6 has the new aspect ratio of 2/1. Even with its large 5.7in display the G6 is very easy to hold and use.
  • Decent sounding speaker is louder than most phones.
  • IP68 water and dust resistance takes away some worry.
  • USB Type-C and quick charge 3.0. While travelling sometimes you don’t get much time near a power outlet so it helps if your device charges to 50% in 30 mins.

These reasons mentioned may not be perfect and will not 100% replace your camera or computer. But this is what travelling light is about. It’s about making the compromises and keeping something that is complicated simple.

LG G6 Hiking
Waterproofing and great camera makes the LG G6 a great travel and hiking companion.

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