LG G6 Review


  • Beautiful design
  • 2/1 aspect ratio HDR ready screen
  • Dual improved cameras
  • Speedy Performance
  • Great Battery Life
  • IP 68 water and dust resistance


  • LG UI
  • Glass body attracts fingerprints
  • Camera cover scratches easily
  • Included ear buds only come in one size
  • Some apps don’t scale to the new screen format

I have been using the LG G6 for a few months now. So far I have been very impressed with it. The more I use it the more I love it!

The G6 is well designed with a very premium feel, the black version which I have is very striking and impressive to hold, only downside to it’s all glass and metal edge design is it’s a fingerprint magnet. One of the biggest changes to LG’s G series and probably to the rest of the smart phone world is the new 18/9 aspect ratio. The new ratio is narrow but taller along with thin bezels the G6’s 5.7in screen feels like 4.7in. Using the G6 one-handed is a breeze. Having that extra screen space is perfect for watching content, gaming, writing text messages and running two apps in multi window. The screen is pretty natural in tones and has great viewing angles and pretty bright in daylight.

LG G6 in hand
Fits nicely in my small – medium hands.

The G6 comes with the Snapdragon 821 instead of the 835, day-to-day the phone performed flawlessly; no lags or random drops in performance. Running resource hungry apps, playing 3D games or heavy multitasking was no issue with the phone. Running with the 821 was probably a good move from LG as it’s a pretty reliable SoC and being slightly under powered compared to the Snapdragon 835, battery life on this phone is impressive.

By the time I’m in bed to charge the phone around 11pm; I am left with 15-30% battery. This is after using the phone all day for podcasting, music, web browsing, social network apps, taking photos and streaming content from Spotify or YouTube. I normally unplug my phone just before I leave for work at 8am. If you do need to charge the G6, there is Quick Charge 3.0, giving you 60% charge in an hours charge from empty.

LG G6 USB-C and Speaker
USB-C is very handy and the speaker is pretty loud.

With software the phone comes with Android 7.0 out of the box and LG’s UV 6.0. I am not a fan of LG’s iteration of Android. This is my bias and is subjective but it’s one of the few small gripes I have with this phone. I would rather all Android manufacturers keep Android as it is and only add in their own special features to differentiate themselves. I found LGs Android to be bulky, cluttered and cartoony. When powering up the phone for the first time I would recommend going into LGs app store and download it’s app draw launcher because LG UX 6.0 has no app draw instead all apps are laid out on your home screens like Apple iOS. Or you could just download a 3rd party launcher like Nova launcher.

LG G6 Rear
Dual camera, fingerprint reader and HiFi DAC

The camera is probably where this phone shines. If you are into photography and want to carry around a camera for those moments then this phone is for people like you. The G6 has dual cameras one normal angle and the other an ultra wide. Having the ability to switch to a wide-angle was very handy for shots where I needed to get more in without having to step back and it created interesting shots for landscapes. The images from the dual cameras were very good; exposed well with great dynamic range, close to real life colours and not over processed with sharpness or saturation. This is great if you are into editing your images in post. The front selfie camera was impressive too with it’s own wide angle mode. Images it took were accurate in colour though a bit soft. The camera app is extensive past it’s auto modes. You can shoot photos or video in manual mode. Giving you controls to exposure, shutter speed, focus, and ISO.

Checkout my Flickr page for some LG G6 camera samples.

I highly recommend the G6; the gorgeous screen and feature packed camera are perfect for consuming media and photography. Other features not mentioned are the fingerprint scanner on the back, IP68 water and dust resistance, Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB of ram, NFC, SD card expansion and the Australian model comes with a 32 Bit DAC which I couldn’t try as I don’t own a pair of HiRes headphones or have any HiRes music files.

Last but not least the G6 has a headphone jack.

Video below to my LG G6 unboxing.

My LG G6 real world review below.

My LG G6 detailed camera review below.

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