If you are considering the LG G6 as your next phone or just recently bought one keep reading.

I recently had to return my LG G6 due to an annoying issue regarding the glass covering the rear cameras. As seen in the header image. Not sure what is happening. It all started after the first week of use I noticed a few tiny barely noticeable marks. I was quite surprised by it so I decided to put a cover on the phone. Then as the weeks rolled on more and more scuff marks appeared while I had the rubber cover on.

I have owned many smartphones before and I never got scuff marks like these within the first few months of use. I have accidentally scratched the camera once previously but that was due to dropping the phone and the scratch was of considerable depth. I gave it some thought that maybe it was the way I have been using the phone or the way I was storing it. But it has gone in the same pants pockets for work as previous phones and I have been using the same bag for the past 6 years.

I returned the phone to the store I purchased it from and they told me they would have to forward it to LG as it was past their 30 days instore warranty period. LG replied to them with a very vague answer; “The G6 is only rated for water and dust resistance not scratch resistance”.

Thankfully the store decided to still honour the warranty and allowed me to exchange the G6 for another phone.  To which I was very grateful.

If you are considering on purchasing this phone do so with this warning. I would recommend inquiring about the stores warranty and mention to them this issue. If you already own this phone I would suggest on checking the warranty period of the store you purchased from and keep a look out for scuff marks on the camera cover.

Very disappointing as in my G6 review the phone performed well and ticked a lot of boxes. Such a shame for LG as their smartphone department is struggling for sales and releasing products that don’t meet today standards along with poor customer service considering the G6 is a high end phone.

Me I probably will never purchase another LG phone, this is not the first time I have been burned by LG; only a few months ago my LG G4 which I only owned for 14 months over heated and got stuck boot looping.

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