Review: JBL Synchros E40BT Bluetooth Headphones


  • Decent sound
  • Comfortable
  • Battery life
  • Low profile design


  • No carry case or pouch
  • Plastic design
  • Proprietary charging cable

The JBL Synchros E40BT are an entry-level to medium Bluetooth headset. Great option right now as these are over a few years old, their newer version the E45BT have been out for a while now so stores selling both headsets usually have the E40BT discounted.

The E40BT have an all plastic build with metal covers on the outer side of the ear cups and metal button ends where the ear cups fold. The foam on the ear cups and headband are made from very soft memory foam. Though it is plastic the plastic feels of decent quality and does not make creaking noises when bent and flexed. The plastic headband feels very flexible so it should fit most large heads. The rounded bevel on the ear cups have a nice texture that catches the light in its pattern. The buttons for control can be found on the left ear cup with the power button rear of the left ear cup. The power button also doubles as the connect button and has the indicator light. On the bottom of the left ear cup is the one port for AUX and charging. All the action can be found on the left ear cup, on the right cup is nothing. The E40BT come in 4 colour options; black, white, blue and red. What I like about the E40BT is their low profile design even with the brighter colours like blue or red; apart from the JBL branding the headset doesn’t stand out too much.

JBL E40BT - Flat
Folds flat or folds in.

The button layout is pretty straight forward. On the left ear cup are the volume buttons, the connect button to pair up with another JBL Bluetooth headphones so two headsets can listen to the one music source. Opposite the connect button you will find the multi-use button for play, pause, answer, hang-up, skip and reverse track.

The set-up process is pretty simple by a long press of the power button to initiate the connection process. The power button flashes then you simple find the headset in your phones Bluetooth list. Once paired the E40BT connect almost instantly after a single press of the power button to turn on the headphones. Along with the status lights audible indicators can be heard through the headset.

JBL E40BT - Power
Power/Connect Button

At the start the E40BT sounded weird but after a few hours the cans found their footing. The overall sound quality is pretty decent, leaning slightly towards more bass but not too much, there is still noticeable separation in the sound stage. You can still make out details in the high and mid frequencies. This sort of sound stage is pretty common with JBL products. If you would like more bass maybe look at Sony or Philips. If needed the E40BT can get considerably loud, loud enough to for sound to leak out. The talk feature of the E40BT work well and no issues using the headset during a call.

At the start I was worried about the E40BT being too tight-fitting. But after a few days use the headset molded to my medium-large head. I could wear them for hours without my ears feeling squashed. The foam ear cups have great noise cancelling, they molded over my ears blocking out majority of outside noise.

JBL E40BT - Control buttons
All controls are on the left ear cup.

Charging I wasn’t too happy about, the E40BT can only be charged with their proprietary charge cable. I would have much rather micro USB as these cables are more common. I am worried about losing the charge cable. Also you cannot use the headset while charging. Lucky the E40BT has great battery life. Battery life is pretty impressive not once have I run out of battery. I tend to charge the E40BT once a week with low to medium volume. JBL rate the E40BT with 16 hours of battery life.

So if you want to test the waters and go wireless but don’t really want to spend the money. The JBL E40BT are worth a consideration as they are a decent quality in build, sound and comfort. Have amazing battery life and hands free call feature. Only downsides to the E40BT is the charging cable and lack of carry case. Look for these at a discounted price.

Video below to my JBL E40BT video review.


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