Why the Iphone X is the best Phone of 2017

I am excited for the new iPhone X and I applaud Apple for creating such a device for the masses because the iPhone X has many technologies that have never been on a smartphone before or have been available for quite a while but have never been properly implemented by other manufacturers.

This post is not directly about the iPhone X but on what it brings and why it gets me excited.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the iPhone X you can find an array of sensors and cameras on the front that could open up new doors that weren’t possible before on a smartphone before. The face unlock feature and Animojis which you can say is a gimmick but it goes to show what it is capable of and opens up new ways we can interact with our phones.


Augmented Reality
AR not VR

It’s great that apple is betting on AR; VR currently has many quirks and I think one day will be solved with technology we do not currently have. But AR is something we can do now and has potential for many useful applications other than seeing dinosaurs walk around your lounge room. Seeing Apple making this a major feature you can expect developers make new content and apps with revolving around VR.


The future of screens
Tony Stark’s smartphone.

I am excited to see the narrow bezels on the iPhone. Yes you can find this on many other smartphones but Apple will make this the standard moving forward. This will bring us to those little glass communication pads you see in many sci-fi movies. Having smaller bezels means phones with large screens but with small bodies.


Apples A11 Bionic Chip
Smartphones will get smarter.

This next exciting feature you cannot see because it is under the hood. Apples new A11 Bionic chip. Why is this a big deal? Not only is this chip faster yet more power efficient; it’s called Bionic because it holds Apples Neural Engine a special machine learning chip. This chip will handle all AI related tasks from facial recognition, speech recognition to keyboard text predictions. This new chip will make Apples smartphone smarter, more powerful and efficient.


Cables are a dying breed.

Wireless charging has been around for quite some time and have been a feature for many smartphones. Wireless charging has been slow to take off for a few reasons. Wireless charging is not as fast as cable charging. The charging pads are expensive and hard to come by. But now Apple is on board and they have adopted the already available platform Qi instead of making their own proprietary version. We are getting closer to a world where you can charge your phone anywhere and on any surface. Expect to see new types of charging docks that can charge any phone at a cheaper price.

Even if you don’t plan to get the iPhone X for whatever reason or you hate Apple and their products, you should still get excited that the iPhone X is coming. Because you will eventually reap the benefits.

When Apple takes on a new technology you can bet the other manufacturers will follow suit and that feature/technology will become standard and trickle down to even cheaper phones. Apple has pioneered and brought to the masses many great features we find today on smartphones. Think fingerprint scanner, multi-touch and the smartphone UI. Personally I won’t get the iPhone X purely on price, but I know one day I will be unlocking my phone with my face.

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