Review: JBL Clip 2

I was after a small portable speaker that I can leave in my daily bag and also for the times when I go hiking or fishing so the speaker needed to be rugged, water and dust resistant.

The first thing you notice about the Clip 2 is that big and prominent clip. Hence the name “Clip 2” it’s very sturdy and adds to the functionality of the Clip 2. It’s fixed to the main body by a rubber loop. The rubber loop is tight and doesn’t have much give. When you have the speaker clipped onto something like your bag so the speaker doesn’t swing around too much while your moving.

JBL Clip 2 - Clipped
The carabiner clip is very solid and sturdy.

The Clip 2 is small and portable only weighing around 200g. The whole speaker has a very rugged feel with hard rubber all around. You get a sense of security holding it, you know you can throw this speaker around and not worry about it.

On the left side you will find the volume and call buttons. On the right you will find the Bluetooth and power buttons with the rubber flap housing the micro USB charge port. At the bottom you will find the status indicator light and the housing for the built-in AUX cable.

JBL Clip 2 - Buttons
Buttons are well laid out.
JBL Clip 2 - Underside
AUX cable stows away. Water proofed USB charge port.

Though the Clip 2 is certainly small and light, it’s certainly not under powered. In its highest volume it could fill a small room. Very impressing considering its size and price point. Sound quality was very good, as expected from JBL. You get a decent sound stage, with noticeable separation in the frequencies. For its size you still notice a decent amount of bass, overall the sound generated has some body.

Battery is rated at 8 hours. So far I have never ran out of battery, I normally recharge the speaker once a week with the volume set around ½ – ¾. If you do need to charge you can charge the Clip 2 with a micro USB cable. Handy because these cables are cheap and common.

JBL Clip 2 - Iphone
Small form factor next to the Iphone 6S

Pairing is straight forward and fast, there is also an option to daisy chain another Clip 2 via Bluetooth for stereo sound. If some else wants to connect their phone and you don’t want to mess around with Bluetooth you can unwind the built-in headphone jack.

JBL Clip 2 - AUX
Great to have a built-in AUX cable.

I highly recommend the JBL Clip 2 for those with an outdoor lifestyle. The Clip 2 has great sound and battery life all in a compact and rugged form factor.

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