Review: Kindle Paperwhite


  • Light and portable
  • Crisp display
  • Readable in direct light
  • Easy to use
  • WiFi is feature is very convenient.
  • Battery life
  • Backlight is adjustable.


  • Display refresh time
  • No buttons for page flipping
  • No waterproofing
  • Should include a cover
That all too familiar logo.

At 205g the weight is perfect in the hand like your holding an actual book. The build is a soft touch plastic that to grip and maintain.
The design is very clean, you will find an embossed Amazon logo at the back, on the bottom the micro USB port, the lock button and a small hole. To which I couldn’t figure out what it was until charged the thing.
Turns out it’s just the light to indicate charging… I dunno I thought is was a microphone.

This is bright daylight. The display looks like paper.

The 6 inch screen with 1440 x 1080 resolution at 300 PPI every words and illustration looks nice and crisp. The screen is also back-lit with a soft warm white light. It’s very easy on the eyes for reading in the dark. During the day the screen is just as good. The screen looks like actual paper so it can be read in daylight and with its matt finish it can readable in direct sunlight.
The screen also supports multi finger gestures but it is slow to refresh and when it does it looks like it’s malfunctioning.

The only other things you will find.

As you can see apart from the lock button there are no other buttons. Using the paper white is very easy. The screen is divided into three touch regions for navigation.
Tapping the top 1/4 gets you access to the tool bar. Here you will find the home, back and search. You can also get access to quick settings like screen brightness and text size. Tapping anywhere else gets you back to reading.
While reading, tap the left edge to move back a page, to move forwards a page tap anywhere on the right side. You can also swipe across the screen to flip pages.
The multi-finger touch screen is both convenient and annoying. I wish they had the option to disable touch and use buttons instead.
You can easily change the text size by pinching and zooming with your fingers.
Unfortunately there have been times I have accidentally tapped the screen and flipped or changed the size of the text.

The original Kindle covers are a rip off. Just buy after market ones. Cheap Cheap!

Loading the paper white with all you favourite books is easy. With WiFi enabled you can directly browse and purchase new books through your amazon account. Due to the slow screen I found it easier by logging into Amazon on my computer and purchasing books from there.
The Paperwhite comes with 4GB of storage. That is plenty of room because the average size of an e-book is around a few megabytes.
As you read you can highlight words and find out its meaning and similar words without WiFi. When connected to WiFi you can look up words in Wikipedia or find it’s translation in another language. With a connection you can also highlight sentences to share or email to yourself.

Tone on tone logo is not distracting

Now for battery life…
Battery on this is Amazing. I can’t exactly tell you how long it lasts. Since owning this and after a few books. I have only charged the Paperwhite once but the battery wasnt even 50%. I was giving it a top up because I was going away for the weekend.
According to the Kindle spec page it just says weeks. Now keep in mind I only read an hour or so at a time and 3-5 nights a week before bed, with the WiFi on.
The E-ink display only uses battery power when its refreshing.
If you press the power button the display switches to a screen saver. It never actually turns off.
Charging is easy, just use any micro USB cord.

It’s a good size.

So would I recommend this… YES!
If you decide to get yourself an E-reader the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect balance of features and price.
There is a version below the Paperwhite that is simply called the Kindle but you don’t get the hires back-lit screen. Then there’s the model above called the Oasis but its $100 more and has extra features not really necessary for reading. I think all you need is a good back lit screen.

I got the Paperwhite to help me read more and it has.
Its portable with a long-lasting battery. I can read anywhere anytime. It’s currently the middle of winter at the time of making this video I have enjoyed reading in bed under the covers.
I have saved money too, e-books are much cheaper than their paper versions.
I like being able to search the meaning of a word as I read. I can highlight phrases and words without ruining the book.

For me I don’t think e-books will ever replace real books. Real books have a smell and the feeling of holding an actual book. There many books that are worth keeping and look good on a bookshelf. I have come across a few books that I stopped reading on the kindle and returned it because I wanted to read the physical version.

Video below to my unboxing.

Video below to my review.

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